What is NIR ?

NIR stands for National Insurance Policy Repository (NIR).
The NIR was launched on 16th September 2013. It is a unique database where the policy holder can store all their insurance policies on an online server. These insurance policies can be stored under a single insurance account or an e-insurance account (eIA).

These services are provided to the Indian policy holders free of cost. Here are a few benefits of having an NIR account:

  • One-time claim intimation
  • Premium alerts and payment for all insurers
  • Single-view of all policies to an authorised person in case of death of the eIA account holder
  • One-time Know Your Customer procedure
  • Single request contact details updates
  • Annual consolidated insurance statements
  • Increased number of service touch points

At Profit Fusion India, we assist our clients with opening an e-insurance account and help preserving the insurance policies under a single roof. They can be easily accessible from anywhere across the globe at a single click.